Saturday, September 1, 2007

Cornered With the Kids

My prents in law are going out of station for family reasons for a week so I will be stuck with the kids for a whole week. Before any mom who is visiting this blog recoils in horror from the spector of a momma who is scared to be alone with her own kids let me tell you that I am really the one deserving the sympathies and clicking of the tongues. My kids are really a handful and I have always had the in laws around to pass the blame on. " What to expect if you spoil her" say I to the poor in laws when the elder one is refusing to study point blank, she is seven but still continues to throw tantrums at the drop of a hat. Of course I get paid back in the same coin when I am held responsible for her misdemeanors that range from biting her nails to watching too much TV to not learning spellings to not eating or even talking too much. Well all is ok if it an equal fight it always is. I know for a fact that they are crazy about the kids and they will be complaining about them while slipping a chocolate into their hands all at the same time giving a totally warped message to the child.
The little one has just discovered that he can climb up and down from the sofa and always wants complete attention. I have to draw all the modes of transport for him and a horse too for he is interested in these thinks currently. I remember a time when my daughter was similarly smitten by the story of the Ramayan and I had to draw all the characters from Ram to Ravan for her! The mite is also interested in WHATEVER the elder sister is handling be it pencils, scissors, glue, glitters, crayons most of which are a no no for one year olds. So I have to referee grabbing games and snatching matches.I generally send one of them to the grandparents but alas no such respite for the entire week now. So you see I need all the patting on shoulders and consolations

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