Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Missing the Mr

One year into my marriage my husband recounting a conversation at office said-"I told Mr so and so that my Mrs is down with fever.."I was quite taken aback to hear myself being addressed as 'the Mrs' and all my militant feminist instincts started tingling. I had no intention of getting married and if I did marry I had decided that I would marry as far away from my caste and clan as possible- a Zulu warrior was a definite possibility at one point of time. I would be an exotic partner who the Zulu would take good care of. Anyhow such is the quirk of fate that I ended up in my own community, and even my own caste and the only thing revolutionary about my marriage is that we are even of the same gotra (ancient grouping meaning people of the same cow shed or some such stuff), a fact for which many couples are killied in the parts of this country that have not evolved from the dark ages. Since that was the first year of my marriage I did not scream in protest and mildly said 'Mrs?' The husband said "yeah, Mrs , whatelse?" completely missing the point. Well I still hate to be referred to as 'the Mrs' but nowadays I just wince slightly because the hubby means no harm and I love him so.
In my blog therefore I think I will address him as the Mr. Well, the Mr is in Bangalore again and I am missing his presence around the place, which includes finding trademark Mr stuff all over the house-his specs under the bed, his slippers under the table, his gold chain on the commode cistern, etc I will leave out some other gory stuff as the poor soul says he will be completely 'exposed' by the time I am done with him in this blog! Lets just say I am missing him every moment of the day although when he was leaving I let him believe that I was glad to have the laptop to myself for the whole week!I admit that I shamelessly plagarise his ideas to feed my blog- it was he who pointed out that SRK has begun to resemble Michael Jackson, I knew he looked familiar but could not put my finger on who he had started resembling. So dear Mr pining for you now hoping to see you soon my blog is not what it can be without your smart comments.

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