Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Nothing in Particular

Have not posted for sometime so I thought I would just let my mind wander on this second post of the day! I am not sure whether anyone is reading this blog, I know my didi will some day or the other when she gets time, but still even if no one reads me this is a good way of pouring out one's soul. When I was in school I used to unload myself on my mother and she tried to listen patiently to all that I had to say although her eyes glazed over sometimes with sleep on the sultry afternoons. After marriage my husband and parents in law try to hear me out when I relate my experiences during my outings. But blogging has brought about a very exciting way of venting my inner most thoughts. I can say whatever I feel because it is my space no guarded phrases and no mincing my words, just being me-take it or leave it. Its cool.
The husband and I have planned a trip during the Pujas after a long time. Actually I was sick of our routine during the pujas, the same places the same kind of food the same discussions. This time we are hitting the beach! My parents come over to Delhi during that time, they stay at my brother's and have to balance us and him rushing from one corner to another as we are too busy with our own lives to give time to them. Ma seemed quite relieved to hear that we are out of the way for the pujas and is planning trips to her favourite places in Delhi.
Pujas were a time of great celebration in my family and so I get quite excited around this time even now. I get up at 4 in the morning on Mahalaya day and compel the in laws to listen to the early morning programme on the radio that welcomes the goddess durga on the first day of her annual visit to the earth. I am sure they would be very happy to miss the programme and catch up on some sleep but I do not allow them that. I religiously buy clothes for my children and ensure that they wear new dresses on all the four main days of the pujas. I try to offer the morning pushpanjali on all the days and I start visiting pandals as soon as the idols are placed in them.
Well its that time of the year now and what with the pujas and winter round the corner I am feeling quite light and happy.

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