Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dirty Politics and Murky Terror

One can never believe that a person like Dr Manmohan Sigh will be surreptitously working for the American President and is infact busy selling this country to the US. As soon as Prakash Karat stated this, he lost his credibility, at least in my eyes. Now by defending Somnath Chatterji's ouster from the Communist Party, he has made a complete ass of himself. Frankly when he became head of the Politbureau I was very excited, he seemed to be a comparatively young and fresh face of the Communists. I have always had a soft spot for Sitaram Yechury but Karat was not bad either. However the way they have handled their differences with their political ally is disgusting. Instead of levelling accusitions and issuing ultimatums they could have discussed the exact points which they disagreed with with the concerned government department after all they were allies and not the opposition! I have always believed that socialism in its milder form is good for there should be a force to curb the spiralling rise of capitalistic profit making. Socialism emphasises the fact the all men are essentially equal and abject poverty, the result of filling up of the coffers of the rich, should be prevented. Look at the anomaly in this country, Mukesh Ambani is building a 27 storey house complete with a private theatre and on the other hand children in Orissa and Bihar are going without food. This disparity can only happen in a capitalistic society. I am sure Mukesh has worked hard for is success but how hard, does that work deserve so much more than the toil of the farmers who are compelled to commit suicide after their crops fail?
Does Mukesh have the nerve to give up a year's profit to adopt a village in Orissa? Afterall he is making a profit because the people of India are paying for his products and services. Anyhow, I was glad when the CPM decided to support the Govt, it would give them some power I thought. But the fiasco that has just occured have caused great doubt in my mind. Lalu Yadav has rightly said that ..".. abhi sirf Jyoti Babu ko Party se nikaalna baki hai.." or something to that affect. The act of expulsion was vindictive to say the least. In this respect the BJP's response is similar to that of the CPM, goons breaking desenting MP's homes and our own CM yeddyurappa being summoned to Delhi to explain why his MPs were missing! I as the citizen of India know that we have reached a position where agreements like the civilian neuclear deal will not make us dependent on another power. Even former president APJ Abdul Kalam is in favour of the agreement. We have to have the latest technology for our people and the US is the hub of state of the art technology, so what is the harm of getting it from them? I completely fail to understand the alarmist war cries of the CPM and the opposition.

Another group of people I fail to understand is the terrorists- today there is a photograph on the first page of the newspaper showing the body of a child being taken away after the Srinagar grenade attack in which four children were killed. I hope the terrorists are happy and so is their God for this great work! Congratulation fellows your souls will rest in peace! It is heart wrenching to see the destruction of humans by humans. For this all our religions have preached love and brotherhood. We are on this boat together and we have to make it livable. There is injustice but there is also always scope for dialogue and communication of understanding and hope for the future.


Usha said...

It is no surprise that this post echoes my sentiments - I am sure all educated citizens feel the same way about all the issues you have covered except when they have a party line to toe.

diya said...

Usha, tell me what is more important, a political party or the life of your countrymen. Somnath took his duty to the nation more seriously than his allegience to his party and their high handedness.If the CPM top brass can behave foolishly and get away with it be it known that the country's Constitution has given them the autonomy to do so. If the political parties can behave childishly in this matter how can they be given the right to have power in this country? Party members must be allowed to differ on specific issues otherwise they will be open to horse trading. However that is only wishful thinking because I know that parties will not let go of their ways.