Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Woe is me, its class test time

The brat is having her class tests and my life is a veritable hell. It is near impossible to make her sit down to study. Actually she never studies, she will ask for a test paper right away. If I tell her to look at the chapters and the class work before attempting the test paper I have set for her, she will pretend to go through them and will be done in five minutes. Thereafter she will write the mock test any which way and wash her hands off the whole affair. Then while I explain all the little mistakes that she has made she will look here and there and finally I leave it in God's hands!
The mite is asking loads of questions- Mamma ki korsho? (mother what are you doing) is the most common followed by -Eta ki mamma- (what is this mother, pointing his little grimy finger at a picture in one of his innumerable books, and knowing very well what it is as it has been told to him a hundred times before in response to the same question). He will roll his truck, bus, car, auto, engine, and Popeye on a skateboard and ask- Mamma ei truck/car/bus/...Popeye ta kothai jachhe?- Where are these guys going and I have to answer Lalbagh, Madiwala market, Forum Mall, Star Bazaar or whatever comes to me in my absentmindedness. He has become quite friendly and agreed to go to the landlord's grandson which was unthinkable a few months ago.
After the test I want to see Kung Fu Panda with the babies badly need some chilling.


2 B's mommy said...

Send her here - there are no tests/exams etc untill year 8! Mite is just too cute....

diya said...

Then I will have to tag along! The other day I told her that if she wants to do what she likes then she will have to wait till age 18 and then move out, in this house she has to follow my rules! She was refusing to pick op the huge mess she had made on the floor! She told me that she has no intention of going anywhere and she will continue to stay with me (and not listen to anything I say) even after she is 18!