Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am still recovering from the shock. In my last post I spoke of terrorist attacks and next thing I know there are blasts all over the place in Namma Bengaluru. The blasts occured right around our house, Madiwala, Adugudi,Langford Road, Richmond town, Koramangala and this morning I heard in a news channel that a bomb was difused at Forum. If a line is drawn from one to the other of these locations it would form a circle round our house! Why us? We have come from one serial bombing city to another! Is the BJP government going to make a Gujarat out of Karnataka. Here I was soaking in the communal harmony of the south when this had to happen.
On the day we visited Shankey Lake our owner's daughter informed us that there was a communal riot in the Shivajinagar area as two pig's heads were found in front of two masjids in that area. However we had not experienced any untoward incidents. The matter was hushed up and any protest suppressed and one tabloid says that the bomb attacks were in response to this incident. Doubtless communalism and intolerance is creeping in in Bangalore and terror outfits are going to fan the fire. I wonder who in Bangalore would take time out of their busy schedule to pop pigs heads in masjids, someone who has been paid to do so I am sure. It is the legitimate right of the Muslim population to protest, the frustration of the youth in their inability to vent their displeasure makes their minds a fertile ground for the seeds or terror. This is how rage and a sense of injustice finds an outlet. Has any investigation taken place to find who the culprit is in the pig head matter?? I know for sure that the answer is no. This is a dangerous sign in Bangalore. There will be investigation in the blast case and there will be suppression and retaliation. As we all know that if everybody follows the principle of an eye for an eye then soon the entire world will be blind.
In any form of terror the worst sufferers are women and children as the four dead children in the Srinagar granade attack proved and so did the death of poor Sudha in Bangalore who is the only casualty of the blasts. It is a matter of concern that where as communal forces are organised, secular forces are not. Since children cannot voice protests it is for us women to get together across communities to sensitize their families and explain the futility of violence.I pray to God that the people of Bangalore are given strength to counter intolerance and show themselves as being above the machinations of divisive forces.


Usha said...

My god that is scary Diya, I mean that bit about the whole thing happening all around your house. Thank god they were very low intensity explosions. It is scary how desensitised the perpetrators have become to the loss of human lives and whatever is the mesage they are sending out and to whom?
This virus seems to be spreading all over the country. I really hope they will stop somewhere or they are stopped.

diya said...

They cannot be stopped unless all people as one in our country work to end injustice. The United Nations Organization had concluded that the reason for war and strife is discrimination which leads to discontentment and resentment and if there is no way in which one can give vent to these feelings then extreme measures will be adopted.Discrimination in all forms must come to an end for there to be peace.
India means diversity and the moment you deny this fact you deny the existence of this country. You will not be able to homogenize this country on basis of religion, race, language and culture. These are varied and that variety itself binds us in a unique fashion and that is the truth. The moment BJP and Hindutva forces understand this the better for the nation.
As for the extreme youth, they must find ways of protest other than violence. If a body is formed to look into their grievances and communal violence is banned and so is acts like throwing pigs heads into masjids and these are condemned in no uncertain terms by the State and society instead of quickly hushing it up then there might be some hope. This however is entirely my submission do any of you have any other solution to end this violence?