Sunday, July 27, 2008

Scarey Psychic is that ME?

Scarcely do I mention the word terror and all hell breaks loose! I had not got over being surrounded with bombs than Ahmedabad happens. BJP is reaping what it has sown- hatred. I remember when BJP first emerged as a force to reckon with. In Delhi walls all over was defaced by the slogan- ' garv se kaho hum Hindu hain'- this sermon from a group who do not understand the meaning of Hinduism which is a way of life preaching tolerance and perseverence. Anyhow who might they be, a political party, telling us what to feel about our religion! Advani is pressing for the reapplication of POTA. No sir that will not solve anything. Bring on the goons who cut open a woman's womb and brandished the feotus and torture him, is there any law against communal violence?Will the BJP government's police arrest the rioters? Will you apologise for the demolition of the Babri Masjid? Will you punish the policemen who looked the other way while innocents were slaughtered?That is the solution. The people should have faith in the government if they feel that their life is at stake and the State will do nothing to protect them then they will become desparate and then they are fertile ground for terror.
The problem is that these guys in trying to avenge the injustice done to them is perpetrating more injustice by killing innocent people and so the cycle goes on. There is no need for more oppressive laws there is a need for self analysis among the govenments, why are we targeted and what can we do to regain the trust of the people. Otherwise I can't see this tragedy coming to an end. As a visitor to the India Gate put it-"Its part of life now".


2 B's mommy said...

OMG Diya...just read your last post..around your house ??? How are you all coping lady?? I did think about you along with my relatives and other friends who live in Banglore after I heard about the B'lore bombing but unlike them, I didn't have your phone number to check on you...I was shaking sitting here in NZ when bombs exploded in Hyderabad last year and one was not even half kilometer from my house there..I can't imagine how it must have been for you..lots of hugs to you Diya.

diya said...

Momma thank you for....just being!You don't know how much your concern means to me. You give me the reason to carry on. The blasts were in areas around my house, yes. But the one closest to my house was diffused (it had not gone off because it got wet in the rain). We could easily have been near Forum, I go there often with my kids and the bomb could have gone off...Anyhow jaako rakhe Saiya, mar sake na koi... lets hope God's grace remains with us. Meanwhile life is going on, I must write a happy post after so much blood and gore.